Tips for IR Success Online

The IR Society provides readers with some valuable pointers for creating and maintaining an investor relations presence online. Below are the key elements highlighted in this post that must be addressed in a company’s IR online strategy.

  • Share what the company is about, its story, and its history by creating an “About” page on the corporate site.
  • Provide investors with easily accessible, updated, and accurate financial data.
  • Make sure to update site visitors on recent news and developments within the company and the company’s industry.
  • Allow readers to learn about the company’s strategy and mission statement concerning investments.
  • Provide a current analysis of current shareholder data.
  • Give bond investors and credit analysts access to current credit and debt standings.
  • Provide shareholders with information in regards to corporate governance and how IR is managed in the company.
  • Site visitors should be able to read a company’s corporate responsibility policies and enforcement.
  • Companies should incorporate some new technology onto their web site.
  • Give readers the option to express any comments or concerns in regards to feedback for the company.

Social media strategist, Aliza Sherman, gives investors four notable steps to take for achieving financial social media success in this article from IR Alert.

1. Monitor what is being said about the company online, especially on social media sites and blogs.

2. Enhance the company’s online presence by adding video, press releases, quarterly earnings, reports, and presentations.

3. Use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to push out company information to key publics and drive traffic to the IR web site.

4. Measure and keep track of the company’s online efforts and whether or not they were successful.


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